Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pregnant for the first time?

I can tell this is my first pregnancy and it was a great surprise when I found out. 
Being pregnant is one of the sweetest and most beautiful stages that a woman experiences. 

At the beginning the first weeks are not at all comfortable, for me at least, because in these first week or about 3 months of our pregnancy a woman begins to experience nauseated, dizziness and perceive 

But all is not so bad after going through those annoying part then we begin to feel more lively with our state.

After 4 months I started having changes as growing my hair, my skin color, changes in appetite, mood, notation my belly, breast enlargement, but the most beautiful of all to feel the kicks my baby.

But now I am at my 7th month and am totally pleased with my baby
It is wonderful to see so many changes, see how beautiful you look in gowns and maternity clothes
Able to talk to your baby, know and feel their listening his movements.

It's good to know they should visit their doctor every month to see how your baby is, she will facilitate the details of development your diet and it is very important.

Your food

The most important food is breakfast. 
My doctor recommended me breakfast with low sugar fruits as Grapes, Apples, Pears etc. 

It is very important eating these foods and any other in few portions, so avoid gaining weight because when your belly is growing you can feel more comfortable when you need to move.

At the stage of our food during early experience the symptom of gastric juices called acidity, they are very uncomfortable and are frequent in the morning, to avoid this you should take juices without gripping as lemon or orange and if you have this symptom always leads an apple with you and this would help you refresh your throat and relieve acidity.

It's good to do a bit of yoga and walking, only recommended by your doctor, this helps us to prepare our body to have the baby without a problem and with less pain if you have a natural birth.

Some of my presents.

When we expect a baby joins the family and love increases in our family.
Waiting for a baby lets us see the love that we have from people around us that give us the support and nice gifts.


At my 5th month I had my medical check as usual and then I knew the sex of my baby who is baby boy. 
His father and I opted to call him Angel. Now I'm just waiting my last 2 months for the arrival of our little Angel  anxiously.

I hope my post is helpful for any other girl pregnant for the first time or anyone interested in knowing how beautiful it feels!

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